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Newzbin back from the dead

Usenet indexer and NZB pioneer Newzbin has been revived, despite losing a battle against Hollywood's copyright cops.

The binary search engine, which links to pirated files (and occasional legitimate ones) uploaded to Usenet servers, but doesn't contain any illegal material itself, was shut down by Big Media just a few short months ago.

Now it seems that calls for the site to be cloned have been answered, and Newzbin (opens in new tab) is up and running again, albeit a wee bit shakily.

A statement on the site's new home page reads:

We are pleased to announce that Newzbin2 is now live and featuring unfiltered NZB Reports. There are catches and we don't want you having too high expectations for now.

To be blunt, we've been struggling to understand the site code & systems. The back end is way more complicated than we realised. Some of it is busted and some services we don't know how to operate fully yet.

We are working hard but we thought, based on comments on the blog, that it would be better to run a partial Newzbin clone now rather than leave it for a couple of months until we do grok it all.

Understand that things are likely to be a bit wobbly for a while and stuff may well fall over, but we hope to kick things into shape soon.

We dont have a functional payment system in place yet so the site will be free for a week or two. When we get a credits system running we will be respecting the credits you have left over from Newzbin.

Obviously we hope that you editor administrators and editors will remain with us as you are truly valuable: all users have the same status they did when Newzbin shut down as we didn't alter anything. Obviously if you no longer wish to be an editor your status can be changed.

We'll try and answer your questions in the comments.

The message is signed by "Mr White / Team R Dogs" and the cloned site appears to be hosted by a Swedish ISP called Netcamp.

The original site's owners, who were reported to be raking in up to $1 million a year in membership fees, were found guilty of copyright infringement and forced to close the site at the end of March (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.