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Novell To Launch SuSE Meego OS for Netbooks

Novell has announced its plans to launch SuSE Meego, a complete Linux-based operating system for netbooks.

The director of client preloads at Novell, Guy Lunardi, has announced that SuSE Meego is expected to be available within an year.

Novell's SuSE Meego OS is an attempt to merge Intel's Mobin and Nokia's Maemo into one fully-fledged operating system, in the hopes of providing better computing services to its customers.

Lunardi expects SuSE Meego to emerge as a powerful and reliable alternative to the current operating systems available in the market.

While Novell works to enhance its mobile-based Linux services, Doug Fisher, the vice president of Intel's Software and Services Group expects SuSE Meego, along with Intel's Atom processor-based platform, to give users a chance to run the Linux operating system on netbooks and mobile gadgets.

The first version of the operating system, Meego 1.0, is expected to be unveiled at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan this week, IT World reports.