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Novell outs MeeGo mobile Linux

Novell has announced that it will launch Suse Meego as a fully-supported operating system for netbooks and other portables.

The company is expecting a number of major but as-yet-unnamed OEMs to join the Linux-based project, which has been developed alongside Intel and Nokia, in the next 12 months.

Having a crafty swipe at Microsoft, Novell said, "The planned shipment of SUSE MeeGo with multiple hardware OEMs further extends Novell’s leadership in this rapidly growing market, and gives users a powerful and affordable alternative to existing desktop computing environments."

MeeGo builds on the collaboration between Novell and Intel to encourage box builders to adopt Moblin. Both Samsung and MSI, have shipped netbook and mobile devices powered by Moblin with varying degrees of success. Novell has established Novell OpenLabs in Taiwan, in conjunction with the local government there, in order to push the project forward.

Novell will be showcasing SUSE MeeGo 1.0 at Computex later today and will be an active participant in the Intel Atom Software Summit as both a speaker and technology provider.