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Outrage As Google Offers Compromise on WiFi Data

Google wants European privacy regulators to compromise over the amount of Wi-Fi data it has to submit to them.

The Financial Times has reported that the search giant doesn't want to hand over as much data as the European privacy regulators have demanded.

The announcement has caused outrage among European privacy regulators and data protection agencies, leading to criminal investigations in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and France.

Google has also faced criticism in the US after two residents filed a lawsuit against the company for violating their privacy.

Recently, the company admitted that it had 'mistakenly' collected data about the traffic on unsecured Wi-Fi networks while its cars were out gathering information for the Google Maps Street View service.

Data protection agencies and privacy regulators have asked Google to hand over the data. So far the company has refused, claiming that to do so would compromise the privacy of the people concerned and lead to further legal complications.