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Sky Releases Video On Demand Service

Satcaster and Triple Player BSkyB has told technology website, Pocket-lint, that it will be launching a video on demand service in the last few months of 2010,. called Sky Anytime Plus.

The service will be available to Sky HD customers and will allow them to get access to more than 500 movies and "over 1000" hours of extra TV programmes. The catch though is that they will need to be Sky broadband subscribers as well.

The content will be deliverable via an over the air firmware update later in 2010. Sky's head of TV services, Kathryn Downward, said: "We hope to offer support for other internet service providers in the future, but at launch the service will only be available to Sky Broadband customers. "All movie houses are expected to be on board and we are talking to the [UK] terrestrial channels as well."

Virgin Media is currently the biggest VOD player in the market with its Virgin on demand service which offers more than 500 films. Weirdly enough though (possibly because of bandwidth constraints), the content will be in standard definition rather than HD.

Movies will start playing after up to 60 seconds wait with a full length movie taking up to 40 minutes to download. Ms Downward has also confirmed that Sky is talking to terrestrial channels which suddenly makes things more interesting.