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Spyware Alert for Mac Users

Software maker Intego has warned that some applications currently available for Macs may contain a new form of spyware that will infect the whole system if installed.

Mac World reports that according to Intego, the spyware can infect Macs through wallpapers, screen savers and applications downloaded from sites like MacUpdate, VersionTracker and Softpedia.

The Mac OS X Download page also contained some of the applications, but their download links have now been deactivated to fix the issue.

The spyware, designed to infect Macintosh computers, is called OSX/OpinionSpy and has been designed similarly to Windows spyware discovered back in 2008.

Intego warned that OSX/OpinionSpy might be used to trick the users into divulging their usernames, passwords and other sensitive information.

The company explained that the spyware opens a backdoor to the systems that it can use to send users' personal information to various servers.

The spyware is capable of updating itself, and sticks with the system even after the application that it came with is uninstalled.