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Survey Reveals Developers Switching to iPhone Apps

Market strategy group iGR has revealed that the majority of software developers work towards building applications for Apple's iPhone rather than its competition.

The market strategy group has shown that nearly 53 per cent of developers give second preference to working toward applications for RIM's BlackBerry OS, Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone platforms.

The results, based on a survey of 204 developers taken during the month of May, indicated a major change from the previous year's survey conducted by iGR, which had shown the developers' preferred platform as Windows Mobile.

The study has highlighted the increasing interest developers have in the iPhone, with more and more US-based developers planning to build applications for the platform over the next year.

The survey also indicated that multi-touch capabilities were one of the major factors considered when choosing a platform.

Apple, the original equipment manufacturer is considered to provide best support, closely followed by Android, said Matthew Vartabedian, research vice president of iGR.