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YouTube Breaks Record For Online Video Sharing

Video sharing website YouTube dominated online video traffic for April, receiving a massive 13.09 billion page views.

83.5 per cent of all internet users viewed YouTube content over April, making its viewing figures the highest ever received for an online video sharing website.

Market watcher comScore has revealed that the closest rival to the Google-owned website, Hulu, managed just 958 million views.

comScore's report also noted that nearly 30 billion videos were viewed across the US.

Ever since Google took over Youtube, it has been aiming to make as much profit as possible from video content on the site by taking the lion's share the market. This data clearly indicates Google's dominance in the online video sharing industry.

Second-placed Hulu provides video content from American media companies such as NBC, ABC and Fox. Following closely behind Hulu were Microsoft Zune and MTV Viacom.