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Arctic Cooling becomes Arctic

After repeatedly hitting its product strategy with a wacky stick, Arctic Cooling has decided to chop off the second half of its name and rebrand itself as Arctic.

The move makes perfect sense, given the esoteric nature of some of the company's recent products. Just this year, Arctic Cooling has produced a cut-price gaming console, as well as a handheld gaming gizmo. You have to admit that the word "cooling" doesn't really seem appropriate any more.

Arctic was keen to point out that this doesn't mean that it's deserting its core fan base, though, and says that Arctic Cooling will continue as a brand under the Arctic umbrella.

Arctic Cooling has produced a number of cheap coolers that have delivered surprisingly good results with regards to both noise and temperature. In fact, the company's Freezer 7 Pro LGA775 cooler is considered a classic design among budget-conscious enthusiasts.

In addition to the Arctic Cooling branch, Arctic says there will also be Arctic Sound, Arctic Power and Arctic Hobby subsidiaries, covering the company's wide range of products.

"The engagement of new developer teams in the last 18 months allowed Arctic to advance to completely new areas," explained the company in a statement, adding that its office area had more than doubled in that time.

To accompany the name change, Arctic has also revealed a new logo (pictured), which will be accompanied by the slogan "Spirit of Innovation."