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Crucial Ballistix modules get thermal sensor

Memory maker Crucial has just refreshed its Ballistix range of enthusiast memory, with a new kit that features a redesigned heatsink and a thermal sensor.

Crucial has adopted the comb-shaped design that we first saw on Corsair's Dominator heatsinks a few years ago. However, this marks the first time that Crucial has ventured beyond the standard metal heatspreader design.

The new cooler features 32 prongs to help shift heat way from the DRAM chips, and Crucial claims this results in up to a 30 per cent drop in temperature compared with its previous heat spreaders.

Unlike Corsair's recently announced AirFlow Pro (opens in new tab) temperature monitor, though, Crucial's new modules don't require any external hardware to read the temperature. Instead, you can monitor the temperature of your memory with a software app that will be free to download from Crucial's website (opens in new tab).

As with most memory kits, Crucial has chosen a completely forgettable and overly complicated model name for the new modules. The BL2KIT25664FN1608 kit features a pair of 2GB DIMMs, making for a 4GB dual-channel kit.

Crucial says the modules are capable of running at 1,600MHz (PC3-12800) at 1.65V, with latency timings of 8-8-8-24. The memory also features an Intel XMP profile.

It's a long way off the record-breaking speeds we've recently seen from Corsair, Kingston and Geil, but these modules are targeted at the more cost-conscious enthusiast. Crucial says that the memory is aimed at "enthusiasts, overclockers, modders and high-end computer builders."

"Ask any PC enthusiast and they'll tell you that system heat is a constant concern," explained Crucial's Ballistix senior product manager, Jeremy Mortenson. He added: "Our new Crucial Ballistix memory modules offer two incredibly effective tools in memory cooling: thermal sensors for temperature monitoring, and an improved heat spreader design."

The new modules will initially only be available from New Egg (opens in new tab) in the US, at a cost of $119.99 (£81.93). However, Crucial says it will open the gates to other retailers, as well as its own website, later next month. The modules will also come with a "lifetime" warranty. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.