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DFI kills off LANParty brand

Once a common sight inside windowed PC cases, the garishly-tinted slots, baffling overclocking options and fancy packaging of DFI's LANParty motherboards are now set to be a thing of the past.

Although DFI hasn't made an official announcement about the LANParty brand's demise, our pals at fellow UK tech site Bit-Tech (opens in new tab) discovered that the brand had been axed after indulging in a great bit of investigative reporting in Taiwan.

After spotting a drought of new LANParty motherboards, the site fired off a few emails to the company to find out what was going on. When they received no response, they eventually decided to turn up on the doorstep of DFI's HQ in Taiwan, where they had an awkward meeting with an evasive salesperson.

The rep was reportedly visibly uncomfortable about discussing future LANParty products, but wouldn't give away any details except that there wouldn't be any LANParty kit being shown off at Computex.

Of course, this ambiguous exchange doesn't necessarily mean that the brand is dead, but the site then tracked down some of its previous DFI contacts at Computex. No names are mentioned, but the contacts explained that DFI apparently informed its LANParty division in 2009 that there would be no more LANParty products, as the division was continually losing money.

Later that year, the team was then reportedly moved to the company's more profitable industrial division, although many of the LANParty guys were apparently less than impressed and decided to take their talent elsewhere.

The news makes a lot of sense, given that DFI hasn't updated the news on its LANParty website (opens in new tab) since November 2009. It just looks as though DFI has decided to keep the whole episode under wraps.

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