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Ex-President Bush Joins Facebook

Former US president George W Bush has set himself up on the social networking site Facebook.

The official Bush fan page contains a photo of the ex-president by himself, and another with his wife and two dogs.

'Dubya' has joined Facebook to allow his fans to better interact with him and keep up to date with his various activities.

A message on his profile, posted by one of his numerous fans, reads: "thankful that God placed a man like you in leadership of our country in the right place, at the right time.

Speaking to Fox News, David Sherzer, spokesman for the former president, said: “Our office hears from citizens all the time: 'How's President Bush? What's he up to? Please tell him thank you for his service. President Bush is grateful for all of these kind messages.”

Sherzer has said that, at the moment, the former president has no plans join other social networking sites.

So far, the former president has 58,910 Facebook 'friends'.