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Expedia Launches Browser Toolbar for IE8

Internet-based travel search site has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a trial application for Internet Explorer 8.

The application, Webslices, will be available for Microsoft's new IE8 browser, and will allow users to view without opening a new window or a tab. Webslices will also provide users with regular travel updates and weather reports.

The IE8 toolbar is set to have a travel search tab and plug-ins related to

This deal between Expedia and Microsoft is believed to have taken place on the basis of a report which claimed that nearly 65 per cent Britons plan their trips abroad online.

Alex Gisbert, a member of the Expedia team, stated (opens in new tab): “It makes perfect sense to combine Exepdia’s online travel expertise and ease of use with Explorer 8. Everyone hopes that the new customized browser will really help users enjoy a faster, easier, and safer browsing experience”.