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Google Acquires Ad Company Invite Media

Google has acquired online advertising technology company Invite Media.

According to a report on technology blog AllThingsD, the search giant hopes the acquisition will strengthen its market position and help to produce new advertising services to build around its search engine data.

The move comes days after Google received approval for its $750 million acquisition of AdMob.

Invite Media offers services that allow advertisers to purchase online adverts across several advertising platforms including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AdMeld. The company is the developer of the BidManager platform, which allows users to subscribe to a variety of online advertising services.

Experts believe Google will have to keep running Invite Media as an independent unit until all current user contracts expire before the service becomes used by Google alone.

It is also thought that Google will use BidManager to develop an advertisement exchange, connecting all existing online and mobile advertising products onto a single platform.