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Google Users To Add Their Own Photos To Search Page

Google is set to allow users to customise its search engine homepage by enabling them to add their own photo and wallpaper backgrounds.

This will be the most complicated change Google has made to its search engine user interface - previously Google has preferred to keep it simple.

By implementing such changes, Google is emulating rival search engine Micorsoft Bing, which changes its homepage background every day in an attempt to be more visually appealing.

Other search engines also offer customised themes for their search pages.

On her blog, Marissa Mayer, Google's Vice President of Search Products and User Experience, wrote: “Whether you choose a photo of a loved one, a picture of your favorite vacation destination or even a design you created yourself, is now yours to customize”.

The new features will be available to US users within a few days. They will be able to apply them by clicking on a link on the lower left corner of the screen at