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iPad Camera Kits selling for silly money

Apple's Camera Connection Kit for the iPad is so rare that it's selling for silly money on Internet auction sites.

The £25 accessory - which consists of two 30-pin dock connector dongles sporting a USB port and a card reader respectively - has been spotted on eBay USA selling for a whopping $187.50 (£128).

Several international sellers are getting in on the act at eBay UK, charging up to £80 to ship the kit from as far afield as Australia, but the best buy we could find was for a single genuine Apple kit, evidently from a private seller, available for the princely sum of £55.

Apple's UK store is currently quoting 3-4 weeks for delivery and the lack of availability is obviously fuelling the furious scalping activity.

Why people can't just wait a few weeks and use iTunes to load pictures onto the iPad in the meantime is beyond us, but Apple fans are strange fellows indeed.