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News@10: Malware on the Samsung Wave & The Motorola Flipout

The newly launched Samsung Wave smartphone has been shipped with a microSD infected with malware called 'slmvsrv.exe' and people have been advised not to plug their phone into Windows-based computers.

Novell has announced its plans to launch SuSE Meego for netbooks. SuSE Meego is a complete Linux-based operating system that merges Intel's Mobin and Nokia's Maemo into one system.

Sonic Solutions has taken over the divital video company DivX for $323 million. DivX shareholders were offered $3.75 and 0.514 shares of Sonic Solutions stock for each share of DivX they own.

Motorola has announced the release of its new handset, Flipout. The company describes the handset to be unlike any other handset the manufacturer has ever released.

Scientists at Punjab University have found that mobile phones can cause drastic changes to behaviour in bees that can possibly be linked to the collapse of their hives.