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News@5: The Android Fragmentation Myth & Nokia's New Charger

Google has dismissed Adroid fragmentation as a myth created by the media and industry pundits and that different people writing about it have different definitions for the term.

Former US president George W Bush has set himself up on the social networking site Facebook to allow his fans to better interact with him and keep up to date with his activities.

Skype has announced plans to charge iPhone users for calls made over AT&T's 3G network later this year. Skype has also stated that it has no plans to charge Verizon Wireless' smartphone customers.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has defended the privacy settings of his website, claiming that they were necessary to cope with the increasing number of applications on the platform.

Nokia has unveiled a new method for charging mobile phones using the power generated from riding a bicycle. When plugged in, the phone will charge as long as the rider keeps their speed above 4mph.