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Nokia Launches Dual Sim Mobile Phones

Nokia has rolled out a pair of dual-SIM mobile phones named the C1 and the C2 and is the first time the Finnish manufacturer has launched two-card phones in the UK.

Both phones are squarely aimed at the very lowest rung of the market ladder. The C1 will be sold for around £25 unlocked with the C2 fetching only £37. Obviously both won't come with the bells and whistles of their higher end counterparts.

The C1 boosts a standard battery life of six weeks - that's 42 days - with a flashlight and a FM radio as well. Nokia will sell a more expensive version of the phone that will come with a VGA camera, support for email and internet access.

However only the C2 will be able to keep both SIM cards on standby while users of the C1 will need to manually do the switch between the SIM cards. The C2 will also include a VGA camera, a microSD card reader, Bluetooth, a FM radio and Nokia OVI services.

Expect both phones to come on the market from Q3 2010 worldwide.

Alex Lambeek, Nokia's VP, said that "By simply holding down a key, people are able to switch between SIM cards. This enables them to take advantage of reduced call rates, flexibility when traveling from one country to another, or helps with sharing a phone within a family and still use their own SIM"