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O2 Offering In-contract Upgrade For the Dell Streak Tablet?

We've received information from a source that O2, which will start selling the Dell Streak from tomorrow, will be offering in-contract upgrade on the smartphone, presumably on the smaller 16GB model, for as little as £299.

One O2 monthly contract customer claimed to have rang O2 customer service asking to cancel her contract by buying it out because she was not satisfied with her current handset.

But rather than getting asked the normal fee, she was proposed an instant in-contract upgrade. We do not know whether this is a one off deal and whether this will apply to both 18 months and 24 months contracts.

The other unknown is whether the informal deal actually kickstarts a new contract or not. We have not been able to confirm whether this in-contract upgrade was available to other customers as well.

O2 is also offering the Streak on a data-only package which will be be as small as £25 per month with a free 16GB Streak, 3GB included data and 500MB WiFi included over a period of 24 months.

We do not know whether you will be able to make calls on the data only tariffs even on a PAYG basis (or as an emergency handset).

O2 is currently offering a free 16GB Dell Streak smartphone with 600 minutes, unlimited texts and data for as little as £35 per month on a two year contract.