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O2 To Sell Huawei Branded Handsets

Chinese telecom giant Huawei will partner with Telefonica-owned O2 to sell its handsets in the UK with the first model to make its way to our shores being the G7002, a £40 touchscreen device.

Don't expect anything fancy at this price though. It is a 2G handset with a resistive 2.4-inch screen, a 1.3-megapixel camera and 2MB internal memory. You will get a microSD card slot and a FM radio but no WiFi or GPS.

Steve Alder, O2's General Manager Group and UK Devices, sad that "We are pleased to be partnering with Huawei to bring the G7002 to our customers, The G7002 makes owning a touch screen phone even more affordable and helps us continue to offer a great range of products to our customers."

Huawei also manufactures the T-Mobile Pulse as well as other T-Mobile phones and glancing at the specifications, it seems that the G7002 is a slightly different version of the T-Mobile Vairy Touch which is on sale for £30 and comes with free texts for life, 1GB memory card and 6 months free internet.

The Chinese company, which is part owned by its own employees, is already one of the biggest names in the global telecommunications market and one which is growing fast.

However, its smaller rival, ZTE, has been its most active rival at the very low end of the spectrum under its own brand name. In fact we reviewed the ZTE F102 which was (and still is) the cheapest 3G phone in the UK at £30.

Désiré Athow

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