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Yahoo To Add 'Share' Option to its Email

Yahoo hopes to enter the world of social networking by adding a new 'sharing' option to its e-mail service.

In an attempt to avoid the criticism levelled at Facebook over recent changes to user privacy, Yahoo sent a message to all of its account holders advising them to check their security settings before the sharing option is launched.

The company says the new Yahoo Mail update will share users' online activities with people in their contact list - as long as their privacy settings allow it.

The update will also introduce new email functions that will allow its 280 million e-mail account holders to post comments and messages on social networking platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Yahoo hopes that by advising users to check their security settings before the update is put into action, the company will avoid a scandal similar to the ones faced by Facebook and Google.

The company has also provided users with a one-click opt out button well before the actual service is launched, simplifying the security procedure for those that do not want to use the update.

The new Yahoo sharing function will be applied later this month.