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AOL In Talks With Search Giants As Google Deal Nears End

AOL has begun the search to find partners for its search engine.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, AOL CEO and ex-Google employee Tim Armstrong said that the company is starting its search with Google as it its AOL's current search provider, but that it is also in talks with others.

AOL has maintained a very close bond with Google, which has powered its search engine for almost a decade, but their agreement is set to expire on 19 December.

Armstrong stated that the current deal between the two companies sees AOL share its revenue with Google, but expects any new deal to involve upfront payments.

AOL has been in decline over recent years, something the CEO attributes to the lack of a work culture within the organisation.

He has cut down the workforce of the company from 7,000 to 5,000 and plans to inculcate a protocol among the employees, hoping that these measures will bring AOL back on the top.

Despite industry experts saying different, Armstrong believes that AOL still has the potential within it to rebound.