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Apple Showcases HTML 5 Web Technology

Apple is showcasing some of the features and capabilities HTML 5 web technology brings on a new section on its website.

The new page contains demos showing users HTML 5's video, audio, typography and 360 degree image viewing abilities.

In order to view the demos, users will be required to download Apple's Safari 4 web browser, which is based on HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The video demo depicts that users can scale videos as they play and users can watch a 360 degree view of images on websites based on HTML 5.

The typography demo depicts how developers can can create rich typography instead of using images. The demo allows viewers to change the color and font of the text and move the text around.

Apple also demonstrated how users can install audio tags on their website without using an extra plug-in.

HTML 5 technology is currently only available on Apple's Safari web browser, but is set to be used on the latest versions of Google's Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9.