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Brocade Blade Trio Increase Density

Brocade has introduced three new blades for its data centre platforms, designed to increase the density and significantly reduce the power consumption of every port.

The 8x10G-M series blade, 8x10G-D series blade and FC8-64 blade have been designed to work with Brocade's NetIron MLX and DCX Backbone platforms.

The company said that the 8x10G-M and 8x10G-D blades have been designed to double the density of MLX to 256 ports per chasis. The blades support IPv4 and IPv6 and have a Forwarding Information Base (FIB) of up to 256 IPv4 routes.

Brocade says that this latest model will require 45 per cent less cooling and power than previous products.

The FC8-64 blade is designed to take Brocade data centers from 384 to 512 ports per chassis, significantly enhancing performance.

Brocade, Cisco's rival in the data center switches market, is working to expand its ethernet product portfolio with the technology it acquired from Foundry Networks in 2008.