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Dell CEO Not Satisfied With Revival Strategy

Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell Computers, has claimed that he had previously considered privatising the organisation some time ago.

Bloomberg (opens in new tab) Businessweek reports that the CEO, speaking at the Sanford C Bernstein & Co. conference in New York, said that although he had full intentions to run the company, he was not satisfied with the company's revival strategy.

The CEO stated: “This transformation is incomplete. If I had to give it a grade, it’d give it an incomplete.”

Michael Dell had become CEO in 2007 after Dell Computers lost its position of dominance as the largest PC maker.

Dell said that the company is working towards branching into other areas of IT, whilst still maintaining their profitable PC business line.

The company plans to develop enterprise services and solutions that will cater to the demands of the emerging market.

Dell's revival had been hampered by lower PC sales and increasing component costs causing gross profit margins to have lowered for two straight quarters.