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European Parliament Plan To Monitor Internet Searches

The European Parliament has plans to install an early warning system (EWS) to keep a check on paedophiles using the internet.

The Parliament has urged its members to sign 'Declaration 29' and implement Directive 2006/24/EC (Data Retention Directive) in order to tackle the offenders more effectively.

The initiative has attracted criticism from some members of the parliament.

Christian Engstrom and Cecilia Wikstrom have cautioned their fellow members from signing the declaration and have called directive as misleading.

The European Union has recently ordered Google to retain the WI-Fi data its collected for up to two years.

Privacy watchdogs have called it a suspicious move, because of the EU's mounting pressure on internet search companies to retain their data, which, they beleive, will help EU to monitor the searches conducted by European citizens.

Currently the declaration has 324 signatures.