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FTC Settles Lawsuit Against CyberSpy

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and software company CyberSpy have resolved their legal dispute.

FTC had filed a case against Cyberspy in 2008, accusing them of making its RemoteSpy application undetectable and giving detailed description to its users about how to hide it from those the software would be used against.

The settlement terms state that CyberSpy should remove all legacy versions of RemoteSpy and inform its users that improper usage of the application will be deemed as a crime.

FTC has also asked CyberSpy to prevent the software from being further used illegally for encrypting data.

RemoteSpy is advertised as a monitoring tool and is used to remove information from a targeted system without user knowledge.

To be installed on a system, the tool can be attached to any file or image to be downloaded by any unsuspecting users clicking on them. The tool would then automatically extract the user's private information.