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Google adds apps to mobile search results

Google has started listing apps in search results delivered to iPhones and Android handsets.

The search delivers links to software in Apple's App Store as well as its own Android Marketplace. The service is only available in the US at present, although Google has said it intends to roll out the service internationally "for the future".

"In addition to helping you find the mobile app information you’re looking for, Google Search for mobile now also makes it easier for you to get the actual apps themselves while you’re searching," Google said on its mobile blog.

The links include basic information about the app including price, developer and ratings information.

"These results will appear when your search pertains to a mobile application and relevant, well-rated apps are found. For example, try searching for 'download shazam' on your Android-powered device or 'bank of america app' on your iPhone," Google said on its bog.

Using Google's own example, observers have pointed out that if you drop the "download" and search simply for "Shazam," you won't get links to the app. That shouldn't be too hard for users to figure out.