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Google To Hand Over Wi-Fi Data

Google will hand over the 'mistakenly' intercepted Wi-Fi data to European authorities with the next two days.

The data had been gathered from various unsecured Wi-Fi connections whilst collecting data for the Google Maps Street View service.

Google had earlier reported that it had started to delete the data collected by it. But a court ruling from District Judge of Oregon had restrained Google from deleting the data.

Various European countries have instigated formal investigations on Google's data gathering practices and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also begun looking into the issue.

The Financial Times (opens in new tab) reports that Google has started checking its own privacy settings for any kind of code violations on its part and will also pubnlish an external audit report on its Street View service.

Google will be passing a sample of the collected data over to the authorities in Germay, France, Spain and Italy.

Speaking on the matter, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said: “We screwed up. Let’s be very clear about that. If you are honest about your mistakes it is the best defence for it not happening again.”