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Google May Offer Alternative Gmail Without 'Conversations'

Search giant Google is planning to offer an alternative version of Gmail.

Business Insider has reported that the new Gmail is set to come without the 'Conversations' features.

Citing internal sources, the blog claimed that Gmail administrators have been receiving complaints from users who find the feature confusing.

The Gmail 'Conversations' feature compiles all e-mails containing the same subject line into one entity, supposedly making it easier for users to follow the conversation.

Many users have found the feature confusing and irritating, saying that on occasion they have failed to read important messages because of this.

Google insiders claim that the company has finally decided to heed their pleas for help and plan to introduce an alternative version in two months time.

Google recently appointed Vic Gundotra as head of Gmail, and, according to Business Insider's sources, he considers Google's prior attitude towards Gmail complaints as 'tone deafness'.