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Microsoft prepares 34 patches this month

Microsoft is preparing to patch up 34 vulnerabilities it has found in Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer products in its upcoming Tuesday update.

There are 10 bulletins in total, six of them aimed at Windows, two of which Microsoft rates as "critical".

Two bulletins fix Office, one fiddles with both Windows and Office, and one critical bulletin is aimed at Internet Exploder, a top security Vole blogged.

The firm said it is also closing Security Advisory 983438 which detailed a vulnerability in SharePoint which could allow "elevation of privilege" and Security Advisory 980088, which detailed a vulnerability in Internet Exploder that could allow "information disclosure".

These security updates have become such an event that Microsoft will be holding a live public webcast with a question and answer session on Wednesday next week.

A couple of questions we'd like to ask are: How much more disk space over and above my initial installation of Windows, Office and IE, say is taken up with updates? What might the carbon footprint be of a 10-bulletin update across the globe? How many man-hours and lost productivity time does that represent? Stuff like that, anyhow.

Microsoft also takes the opportunity to, "remind Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2 customers, once again, that all support for these platforms will end after July 13th, 2010."

Next month, that is.

"Customers should upgrade to either a supported operating system or the latest service pack in order to keep receiving necessary security updates," the warning concludes.

Is it any wonder the Redmond hegemony is coming to an end?