Microsoft To Revolutionise Tablet PC Market Says Ballmer

Speaking at the D8 conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has insisted that his company will revolutionise the tablet PC market in the near future.

Ballmer admitted that Microsoft has fallen behind in the mobile market, but insisted his optimism about the company's future in the market.

The CEO stated that the dynamic nature of the mobile market has already seen market leadership change twice in the last five years and that it is this dynamism that will help Microsoft to compete.

On being asked about Apple's CEO Steve Jobs claim that PCs will be phased out in the near future, Steve Ballmer emphasised the relevance of PCs amidst the launch of new gadgets like iPad tablet, saying: “ Nothing that people do on a PC today is going to get less relevant tomorrow. I don't think the whole world will be able to afford five devices per person”.

He went on to say that the future will lead to PCs being used by more and more people.

He beleives that PCs will evolve on a regular basis and will continue to remain popular, even with those that own tablet devices.