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MSI shows off LGA1155 Sandy Bridge boards

Intel reckons its first Sandy Bridge chips aren't going to get their first glimpse of the retail world until at least next year, but that hasn't stopped MSI from proudly brandishing its Sandy Bridge goodies.

The company has already revealed a couple of motherboards sporting Intel's new LGA1155 socket at Computex, which are based on Intel's forthcoming P67 and H67 chipsets.

Showing that there's an increasing amount of love for micro-ATX motherboards among enthusiasts, the H67MA-GD65 features two full-size PCI-E graphics slots that MSI says will support both SLI and CrossFireX. Meanwhile, two single-lane PCI-E slots sit between the graphics slots, leaving no space for good old fashioned PCI slots.

Four DDR3 DIMM slots sit on the right for dual-channel memory configurations, and next to these you'll also find the controls for MSI's OC Genie simplified overclocking system. You'll also notice a VGA port for integrated graphics on the back, as well as a big block of six SATA ports on the right, plus another one on the board. MSI says the board will also support both USB 3 and 6Gb/sec SATA.

The motherboard in the photo only features a simple chipset heatsink, but MSI says the final version will feature a cooling system based on its SuperPipe heatpipe technology, which will presumably cover the voltage regulator modules around the CPU socket.

For those of us still looking for a full-size motherboard, MSI also has the P67A-GD5. Based on Intel's P67 chipset, this board not only features all the PCI-E slots found on the H67 board, which again support both SLI and CrossFireX, but it also adds two old-school PCI slots at the bottom of the board.

Again, you'll also find four dual-channel DDR3 DIMM slots and MSI's OC Genie controls, and MSI says the board will also support both USB 3 and 6Gb/sec SATA. The P67 board also features one more SATA connector than the H67 board, making for a total of eight ports. As with the H67 board, MSI says the final version will also feature a SuperPipe cooling system. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.