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O2 Not Offering Dell Streak For Businesses

One might expect the Dell Streak to be a hit with businesses especially as the company is a well known brand amongst corporate segment; which makes it even surprising that O2 chose to position the device as a ... laptop rather than a smartphone or tablet hybrid.

As the picture below shows, O2 currently considers the Dell Streak as a laptop and therefore doesn't allow it to be bundle with voice, making it a data-only device that competes with notebooks.

This means that you get either unlimited UK data and Wi-Fi (with a soft limit of 5GB) for £29.79 per month or 3GB with unlimited Wi-Fi for £25.53 per month. Both packages exclude VAT and come with a free 16GB Streak and 300 texts.

Customers using more than their allocated data allowance will be charged 1.7p excl. VAT and the contract will last two years.

Technically, there should be nothing preventing you from using the phone as a PAYG model since the SIM itself is no different from other SIMs unless O2 states otherwise. We have contacted O2 to get more details and will keep our readers informed as soon as we get an update.