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Pictures Of Dell Streak HDMI Docking Station Appear

Dell's surprising tablet smartphone, the Streak, will have a docking station that will not only charge it but also allow it to connect to your HDMI equipment as well.

Unfortunately, the connector is a proprietary one and only adds a mini-USB port and a Line out. Laptop Mag which brought us some photos of the device also presented a carrying case with a built-in kickstand.

The docking station has yet to go on sale though at O2 and there are currently no accessories for the Streak.

Content displayed on the Streak's screen is not high definition and HD content will be downscaled by the device when played. During our hands-on of the Streak courtesy of Dell and O2 UK, we were told that the docking station would not be cheap and that other accessories would include three chargers and a stereo handset.

Not surprisingly, we're slightly disappointed that this docking station is not capable of much, much more. Come one guys! This is a smartphone and if you want it to be as successful as the iPhone, you'd better come up with a range of peripherals like speakers, alarm sets, car kits etc.

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