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Sony Ericsson Psion Lookalike To Compete With Dell Streak

Sony Ericsson may be readying a device that looks like a tablet but behaves like a Psion mini computer (remember these?) and could well be a potent rival to both the Dell Streak and perhaps the iPad if properly priced.

A blurry photo from a well known Chinese technology website shows a device that has a hinged slideout QWERTY keyboard of respectable proportions and which reminds us of the Psion Series 5MX Palmtop AND Sony's own range of micro laptops.

The P-series in particular is just a few inches bigger. Do compare the pictures below.

Engadget says that the phone ha a 5.5-inch display (half an inch bigger than the Streak), which will make it too big for your jeans' front pockets but not for the back ones. We sincerely hope that it comes with a higher resolution compared to the Xperia X10 which currently tops the chart with 854x480 pixels.

Sources told the website that the device will be launched in a few months time and that its development is still in its infancy. Good news though is that it runs on Android 2.1 (Eclair) now and therefore Froyo shouldn't be out of question.