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We predict what Apple will do at WWDC

In just a few short days Steve Jobs will take to the stage at Apple's annual developer shindig, and the web is awash with rumours and predictions about what the man in the black turtleneck will bring to the party.

WWDC is Steve's favourite showcase for all things Apple, populated as it is by die-hard Macolytes, willing to whoop and holler at his every proclamation in that way that only Americans can. Really people; he's not the Fonz.

Some things are pretty much set in stone - although these may not be as a result of Apple's actions - and others are based on nothing more than opinion, rumour, conjecture, or the fevered imaginings of wishful thinkers.

So here are our very own utterly unscientific predictions for Steve's keynote, conjured from a combination of all of the above, and with a little help from our own crystal balls.

iPhone 4G/HD
Thanks to the lost/stolen prototype sold to Gizmodo, this one is a shoo-in. There's little doubt that a fourth-generation iPhone will be announced, but the final details are open to discussion.

The stolen hardware which launched a billion hits may have looked like the finished article, but nothing's over until Jobso sings. We're pretty sure the iPhone 4G (or more likely G4 or HD) will have a front-facing camera for video conferencing, a higher resolution screen and a faster processor (most likely the mysterious Apple-branded A4 found nestling inside the iPad).

As for the squared-off edges seen on the prototypes doing the rounds, we remain to be convinced. Square edges are so 'last year's iPod'.

Free Mobile Me
Apple pioneered public cloud-based storage with its useful but undeniably expensive Mobile Me (nee .Mac) service, and it's about time the company gave loyal users some love. Rumours that Apple will offer the full service for free to the great unwashed are wide of the mark in our opinion, but Steve needs to do something to combat the charge of the Google monster with its fancy cloud-based applications and oodles of free storage.

We reckon Apple could offer a two-tiered service with free syncing and limited storage for cheapskates, and premium services for anyone willing to cough up the cash.

Mac Pro Refresh
General consensus is that Apple's line of desktop workstation is looking a bit long in the tooth. Don't be surprised to see Intel's Hexacore CPUs cropping up in the next generation.

New Apple TV
Apple came to the game pretty early on this one - before everyone started pumping out Home Theatre PCs - and Apple TV never really gained that much traction. Sure, they sold by the shedload to Apple fanboys, but the mainstream never really beckoned.

Now, with every tech company on the planet hitting the TV convergence trail, it's time for Apple to step up to the mark. Burble on the wires is that Steve could announce a sub-$100 device sporting the same A4 silicon as the iPad, and capable of streaming 1080p video over HDMI, but we remain to be convinced. At least not for the foreseeable future.

Mac OS X 10.7
The switch to Snow Leopard was a disappointing to some who expected to see the usual refinements to OSX's graphic interface, but Snow was all about tweaking things under the bonnet rather than adding flashy bells and whistles. Windows 7 may have given Steve's army of OS fiddlers food for thought, but it's unlikely that any major OSX updates will be announced next week in our book.

The death of Tiger
Poor old Tiger is looking a bit long in the tooth and is likely to become extinct any moment now, with both Apple and third-party developers slowing or even shutting down development for the PPC OS. Big hitters like Adobe have already stopped supporting Tiger and others are likely to follow suit.

Don't expect Apple to make a big deal of the demise - like they did with the death of OS9 - as the move to Intel-only software has drawn criticism from Apple fans still clinging to the PowerPC past. Not likely to be announced at WWDC, or anywhere for that matter.

iPhone OS 4.0
This one has been kicking around for a while and some journalists have even reportedly been allowed to play with the new mobile OS for iPhone and iPad. Whether it's finished or not is another matter, but Steve is bound to spend some time crowing about the iPad and its 2 million sales (more likely 3 million by the time WWDC kicks off). If he doesn't announce the immediate launch of iPhone OS4, he will certainly demonstrate it fully.

iPod touch with a camera
Another Taiwanese leak brought this one to the fore. The only thing that will stop this happening is if Apple is saving the announcement until September, when new iPods generally get outed. We'll give it 50/50.

iMac refresh
It's been a while since Apple's all-in-one everyman desktops got a lick of paint, so we wouldn't be shocked to see the Cupertino company raiding the Intel parts bin and coming up with some Core i5, or even Core i7, models to bolster the range and give them a speed bump.

There you have it. No insider sources, no leaks, no stolen hardware... just good honest guesswork. Don't shoot us if we're wrong. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.