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£300 Lenovo Ideapad U350 Intel ULV SU3500 1.4GHz 4GB 320GB, 13.3-inch

Today, we all seem to be doing more with less. Lots to do, a million places to be and little time to get it all done. When life becomes a big to-do list, a mobile PC definitely comes in handy.

The U Series is designed to be incredibly thin, light, stylish and surprisingly affordable. It's like your own portable, personal assistant. Or if you prefer, your own mobile social networking hub.

These laptops are super easy to use and include just the right balance of features. They also feature dependable technology, so you won't waste valuable time worrying about how your laptop works. You'll definitely have fun using it, though.

The U350 was designed to an extremely thin, light and affordable. It's also an energy-efficient, capable tool. And the U350 is pretty cool looking, too.

The U350 has an HD panel, HDMI and VGA connector for enhanced HD entertainment. All models are equipped with speedy DDR3 memory. With DDR3 working efficiently behind the scenes, you'll enjoy smoother and faster gaming, entertainment and processing performance.

13.3-inch LED 16:9 hi-def widescreen display offers a full-PC multimedia experience yet is still portable and lightweight. Longer battery life. Models with a standard 4 cell battery offer up to 5 hours unplugged and models with an 8 cell battery* last up to 10 hours.

It comes with an Intel ULV SU3500 processor running at 1.4GHz, 4GB RAM and a 320GB hard disk drive. It runs Windows Vista Home Premium and is available from Amazon for only £300 (opens in new tab).

Désiré Athow

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