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Coming soon: Google Music

Internet overlord Google hinted at its I/O bash recently that it might have a music service for its Android Market app service up its sleeve.

Now, Techcrunch, having been tipped off by a reader who may have been ploughing through Google's URLs sniffing for snippets, has stumbled upon a domain named Google Music and a logo to boot.

The domain now appears to be inaccessible, but it certainly now appears more likely that Google is to dip its toe into the music download market, dominated until now by Apple's iTunes service - if you discount file-sharing networks, that is.

Google's acquisition of Simplify Media might fit this plan as the firm has an app which accesses DRM-free media on Android devices remotely. Simplify Media removed its apps from Apple's App Store ahead of the Google announcement.

Google has dabbled with music downloads before, with its Music Onebox, which enables searchers to stream songs from Google’s results page, along with Google Discover Music, a search engine for finding tunes on the web.

Google is sticking its fingers in as many pies as it can reach - as well as into any private Wi-fi networks it can detect. It comes as no surprise that the outfit should be gearing up to try to pinch a slice of the lucrative iTunes market, and that it should leverage the success of Android to do so. Phones that play music are no-where near as successful as pods dedicated to the function, however.

It remains to be seen how Google's plans will pan out.