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Restaurant uses iPad as menu

When Apple's latest wonder-gadget dropped into UK stores last Friday, we at THINQ Towers were left wondering what it was actually for. Now a restaurant in Sydney, Australia has answered the question for us.

The Global Mundo Tapas bar at the Rydges Hotel in North Sydney has started handing out the new tablet computer to diners as a menu, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The restaurant uses a custom-made iPad application that allows its clientele to flip through virtual pages of the menu before ordering with a quick tap of the screen.

Customers' requests are then sent wirelessly from the device to the restaurant's kitchen.

The iPad app even keeps tabs on kitchen stocks so that when something has run out, it's automatically removed from the menu, ensuring no one's disappointed.

Special requests are catered for, with patrons being able to tell the chef whether they want their steak well done or rare.

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