£700 ASUS G70S-7S007C Gaming Laptop Dual Core SLI Graphics

The ASUS G70 is designed to deliver blazing fast mobile gaming performance that is complemented with style.

Featuring powerful dual graphics based on the highly acclaimed NVIDIA SLI technology, as well as the support of dual hard drives and 4GB of system memory for optimal transfer rates, the new G70 delivers a new level of immersive cinematic graphics with an unprecedented combination of computing power and gaming performance.

With this version you get two GeForce 8700M GT graphics cards with 512MB each, a pair of 320GB hard drives, 4GB of memory, a top quality 17" screen, and some Turbo memory to make it all go even faster!

Gamers are some of the most demanding consumers in their demands for system performance. To answer this need, ASUS has acquired a “Multi Dual-Engine” architecture in designing the G70 with a duplex structure in its major system components, including dual graphics engine, dual hard drive bays and dual fan systems.

Together with high-definition visual and audio capabilities, the G70 sets a new standard of mobile gaming, at the level of extreme performance, offering the capability of dedicated gaming rigs in a portable package.

You can buy the ASUS G70S-7S007C Gaming Laptop from Simply ASUS for only £700 including delivery and a free copy of BullGuard Internet Security.