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£121 LG 22" Widescreen Full HD LED Monitor 1920x1080

The E2240S-PN TFT LED monitor from LG pushes display quality to the limits! The E2240SPN includes VGA connectivity and DFC technology - exclusively developed by LG - to display 16 million colours and the deepest blacks, making it ideal for even the most demanding users.

Its 5 ms response time reduces eye strain and eliminates lag when you're on the internet, working or playing games. Meanwhile, the widescreen format is fantastic for watching movies. What's more, the Plug & Play-compatible E2240S PN is energy efficient and has a super-slim design to add a touch of style to your desktop.

Slim LED LCD Monitor E40 displays extremely clear and natural pictures with mega Contrast Ratio. Furthermore, the energy-efficient monitor saves money and even slows down global warming while providing optimized environment for various computing activities.

E40 creates a uniquely sleek and delicate appearance that accentuates any interior.

E40 series is an eco-friendly monitor that understands your concerns for health and environment. Free of hazardous substances such as halogen and mercury, LED backlight minimizes industrial waste with its longer product life and lighter weight compared to CCFL monitors.

Offers excellent picture quality that can be realized by LED technology by showing sharper contrast of brightness and darkness.

Photo Effect enables users to apply various effects on photos such as black and white and sepia by just pushing a button and without affecting the original. The function includes a built-in color calibration function.

E40’s LED backlight panel sets a new standard for monitors with excellent qualities such as incomparably slim depth, Mega Contrast ratio that reproduces deeper and richer pictures, and low power consumption that help preserve the environment.

Buy the LG 22" Widescreen Full HD LED Monitor 1920x1080 (opens in new tab) from Ebuyer for only £121 including VAT. Note that this is a full HD HD model with a maximum power consumption of only 23W.

Désiré Athow

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