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Apple trackpad could be WWDC surprise

Three words are guaranteed to send Apple fans into a feeding frenzy at a Steve Jobs keynote presentation... "One more thing".

Jobs has become famous for holding back on major announcements at his WWDC keynotes until the very end, and his "One more thing" pronouncements are now the stuff of legend.

They have included: The Airport Base Station, iTunes, Apple TV, the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano and the MacBook Air.

With Steve's iPhone HD thunder being stolen by the likes of Gizmodo, we wonder if new photos of a convincingly-genuine-looking Apple Trackpad spotted by Engadget will be today's parting shot for the messianic Apple boss.

The Cupertino company has been championing a move away from traditional mouse and keyboard input since the launch of the iPhone with its multi-touch gestures, and this possible new device - which looks very much like a cut down Apple aluminium wireless keyboard right down to it's cylindrical battery compartment-cum-stand - could be the next step.

We're not sure how well this will sit with traditional desktop computers, but we can see this going down very well if it ends up being paired with the sub-$100 rumoured refresh of Apple's TV gubbins.