Aussie cops demand Facebook panic button

Facebook could be forced to install a panic button on every page if an international law enforcement panel gets its way.

The social notworking site has thus far resisted calls from organisations like the UK's Ceops (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) which has been lobbying the outfit to add a 'report abuse' button which would protect vulnerable children.

Neil Gaughan, who is second in command at Australia's Federal Police High Tech Crime Centre, has been involved in a high profile spat with Facebook recently over the outfits unwillingness to co-operate in police investigations.

But at a recent gathering of international plod in the USA, the full weight of the FBI, the US immigration customers enforcement agency, the UK's child exploitation and online protection centre, Interpol, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was brought to bear.

Gaughan described the meeting with Facebook as "very, very fruitful".

"I have requested an international law enforcement presence here in Australia, a point of contact," he told IT News. "We need to look forward to how we can make it easier for people to report their concerns on content service providers, so something like a report button is something I would be looking to achieve in the future.

"I'd like to think in six months time we'd be in a position where we have one of those two things in place."