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Facebook Helps Mother Find Her Missing Children

Facebook has helped to reconnect Prince Segala with her children after fifteen years apart.

Her children, aged two and three at the time, were kidnapped in October 1995 when her estranged husband Faustino Utrera took the children to Mexico.

At the time the police were unable to trace the children in Mexico.

Ms Segala, not giving up on once again seeing her children, searched for them on Facebook and eventually managed to befriend one of her children.

Her daughter, however, snubbed her mother, saying that she was satisfied with her current family.

Ms Segala informed authorities of the conversation she had with her daughter leading the police to arrest Mr Utrera in Osceola County, Florida.

District attorney Kurt Rowley said that both Ms Segala's son and daughter, now in their teens, have been placed in child welfare until a decision regarding their custody can be made. He also stated that their father has been charged with kidnapping.

According to the Police department, it is the first time for kidnapped children to be found through a social networking site.