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Gizmodo banned from Apple shindig

To precisely no-one's surprise, Gizmodo has been banned from Apple's WWDC shindig today.

The tech site has been removed from the Apple guest list, possibly on a permanent basis, after paying for a stolen prototype iPhone which it then splashed all over the Internet (opens in new tab), much to the annoyance of Steve Jobs and his dogs of ilaw.

Gizmodo got a couple of good weeks out of the story, which not only ruined the launch of the next iPhone for a legion of Apple fans, but cynically and unnecessarily exposed the unfortunate mug who should have been looking after the priceless prototype in the first place.

Now Gizmodo seems to have realised that one massive Apple scoop probably doesn't add up to much when it comes to never being able to cover another Apple event ever again, and is desperately seeking WWDC attendees stupid enough to invoke a similar ban on themselves by supplying the outfit with news and pictures from within the event.

"If you're going to the keynote, and want to be a part of the exciting Apple coverage that so many of your fellow Gizmodo readers enjoy, here's your chance," says the appeal.

"We are also in need of those who can and want to send us live video, audio, instant messages and high-end photographs instantly - from the keynote. Even professionals may apply," it continues.

It is estimated that Gizmodo gets 1.5 million hits every time it covers a live Apple launch, which means it won't be long before never being invited to another Apple event ever, ever, ever starts to sting a bit.

We're not quite sure why Gizmodo didn't just open up its famous checkbook and buy a couple of tickets to the event which have been available on eBay and Craigslist for around $1,000 a pop for weeks now.

Steve Jobs will start his keynote at 10am US time today and is pretty much certain to out the new iPhone. We'll be bringing you the news as it happens. Our predictions for other stuff he might talk about are here (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.