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iDroid Team Gets Android 2.2 onto the iPhone

The Italian iDroid developer team has yet again managed to tame the super-successful iPhone 3G, installing Google's Android 2.2 release, Froyo, on the coveted smartphone.

The developers have successfully ported the recently launched Android version 2.2 onto the iPhone 3G.

The team have managed to make most of the iPhone's features work using Android 2.2. Currently they're only having difficulties with Wi-Fi and audio.

Users can still make and receive calls, use SMS and browse the web.

Using the Android 2.2 on an iPhone may cause problems with the phone's GPU and affect battery usage. The user also voids their warranty with Apple as soon as Froyo is installed.

Users willing to risk being abandoned by Apple can try the download. An instruction guide for the interested users has been uploaded at GadgetsDNA (opens in new tab).