iPhone workers promised yet another pay rise

Workers at a factory which has been plagued with a cluster of unexplained suicides are to get a 70 per cent pay rise.

The Foxconn assembly plant - which builds a large proportion of the world's gadgetry including Apple's iPhone - has been the scene of up to a dozen suicide attempts, most of them successful.

Over the past few weeks the company's management initially announced a 20 per cent pay rise for workers, which was bumped up to 30 per cent within a matter of days (and after yet another migrant worker plunged to his death, coincidentally).

Now the company, which is part of the massive Hon Hai Precision Industry group, says it will boost some workers' pay by up to 70 per cent as an incentive not to throw themselves off of tall buildings.

"This wage increase has been instituted to safeguard the dignity of workers," said Foxconn's founder and chairman, Terry Gou, who says he's having sleepless nights over the suicides, poor lamb.

The wage increase will mean that many workers will no longer have to work long overtime hours just to make a living wage.

Foxconn has recently installed giant nets on its dormitory buildings to stop people killing themselves.

Unfortunately, it would take more than a few nets to stop Foxconn's share price plunging through the floor, as news of the wage rise hit the markets. Trading in the company was suspended today as shareholders panicked at the thought of having to pay people enough money to live on.