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New Photos of Motorola Droid Successor Leaked

Photos of the speculated successor to Motorola's Droid smartphone have appeared on the internet.

Mobile tech blog DroidLife has reported that the upcoming smartphone, previously thought to have been code-named "Shadow", is to be called the Motorola Xtreme.

The blog had previously published photos of the smartphone taken by a source who claimed to have found the handset in a Verizon gym a few weeks ago.

The source has now sent new shots indicating that the phone will come with an eight megapixel camera and support for High Definition video.

According to the leaked photos, the phone appears to be running a modified version of Google's Android 2.1 OS. The final release version of the Xtreme is expected to run the Android 2.2 Froyo OS.

Gizmodo claims the Motorola Xtreme, which will be offered by Verizon, will come with a 4.3in touch screen, a powerful Snapdragon processor and 16GB of internal storage.